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What is We Are Public?

We Are Public is the new art and culture community. Join us for €15 a month and get free access to an exciting selection of daily events at over 100 cultural venues across Amsterdam, Den Haag and North Brabant. Theatre, dance, music, film, opera, literature and visual arts, you name it. Hand-picked by our independent team of curators.

Not only to members get access to the best events on offer, members support art and culture. We invest your money directly into cultural organisations and the makers themselves.

That way, we make great art possible, together.

Cultural Fireworks in Amsterdam and Beyond

The month of December is known to fly by; before you know it, you’ll find yourself with a glass of champagne in one hand and a traditional Dutch oliebol in the other. Fireworks! However you find yourself rounding up the…

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Art optimists, speak out!

Today, our society isn’t so much divided by rich and poor, religious and nonreligious, Feyenoord and Ajax, local or international. Last month, I visited the Dream Out Loud exhibition in Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam’s contemporary art museum. With a great collection…

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