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7x games for this lockdown

Published 30 Mar 2021 at 10:32 by We Are Public

Not only are our curators Inez and Astrid art and film connoisseurs but they are also die-hard game fanatics! To get you through the lockdown, they made a list of their favourite indie hits and culturally-sound games, full of human stories about loneliness, love and grief. No experience with computer games? They are still all worth a try.

1. Cube Escape

The Cube Escape series by Amsterdam-based game studio Rusty Lake is number 1 on our list. The style, the atmosphere, the story, the effect – this series represents everything that appeals to Astrid in indie games. Prepare to immerse yourself in this David Lynch-like world, where you need no context to believe the story.

Play the free game here

2. The Stanley Parable

The word ‘game’ doesn’t really suffice when describing the experience of The Stanley Parable. Surrender to the Narrator. Or not? Maybe? The choice is all yours.

Try the free demo here

3. The Company of Myself

A golden oldie. Puzzle game The Company of Myself tells a heartbreaking love story. Including beautiful visuals in a green, grassy world. Because of its low-entry level, this game is highly recommended for the non-gamers among us.

Play this free game

4. Spirit Farer

Astrid describes Spirit Farer as the game of the year 2020. This game plays with aspects of mourning in an incredibly accessible and (visually) touching way. In Spirit Farer, you take the role of Stella and build a boat to explore the world. After which you’ll make friends with ghosts…

Buy this game here

5. Ib

Did you used to own a Nintendo? Ib’s nostalgic feel takes you back to the good old days. The game, which was designed by Japanese artist Kouri, nevertheless manages to create an oppressive atmosphere that is on a par with larger blockbusters. An added bonus: it takes place in a museum!

Try the free game here

6. Medulla 

Medulla is a trippy game designed to explain the structure of the brain to new psychology students. Young Takito travels through mysterious environments filled with strange obstacles and seemingly illogical puzzles. This will make you dream.

Buy Medulla here

7. Firewatch

The cynical indie game Firewatch puts you in the role of Henry. A man who, in the middle of the Wyoming wilderness, has to deal with the loss of his wife in solitude. His only form of communication is his walkie-talkie, with which he finds a connection to fellow fire-watcher Delilah. Meanwhile, a mystery must be solved…

Buy Firewatch here

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