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Enjoy art during office hours. See new art in an old office building at Manifesta.

Published 22 Sep 2016 at 11:05 by Daphne Prochowski

Nine artists are exhibiting in an office building. And it’s not just any office building, it’s the head office of Manifesta. The organisation has been exhibiting the best of contemporary art for years during the Manifesta biennial. They invite a different gallery every six months to curate an exhibition in their office. Annet Gelink Gallery gives it a go.

It’s a little different than the white walls of a gallery. The Annet Gelink Gallery selected new works by artists and had artists make work on location for their exhibition. The contemporary art works stand out in exciting contrast to the classical elements of the canal house. It gets even more interesting when the exhibition space is used as a working space during your visit.

The exhibition Theatre Dreams of a Beautiful Afternoon – Part 2 was named after artist Meiro Koizumi’s work. The exhibition also features another Koizumi video piece, that screens two different videos on opposite sides of one screen.

Meiro Koizumi

Antonis Pittas incorporated the marble on site into his work. Earlier in his career he made the sculpture Untitled (High Degree of Autonomy), a marble ring with text inscribed on this inside. Using a similar technique, he introduced text on various marble surfaces in Manifesta.

Antonis Pittas

Israeli artist Yael Bartana displays a text in neon letters in the conference room. The text ‘We Shall be Strong in our Weakness’ has a political connotation, referencing to an excerpt from a manifest – how fitting – by the artist, in which she calls for Jews to return to Poland.

Yael Bartana

The exhibition also features work by artist Roger Hiorns. Something remarkable happens when his provocative paintings are juxtaposed with the workplace.

Work can also be found in the building’s gardens. Sarah van Sonsbeeck set up a tent, Faraday Tent, made from ‘Faraday Fabric’. This material wards off radiation, light and sound. It’s one of Van Sonsbeeck’s works seeking silence.


We Are Public members are welcome at the Manifesta Foundation during office hours, without an appointment, on 27 September.



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