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Shedding some extra light on the We Are Public programme, our blog features background information, in-depth interviews and other write-ups. Get to know our editors and meet the programme creators, discover the similarities between different events and read about the experiences of We Are Public members. Read our English blog posts here, and find all our entries on our Dutch website.


Art optimists, speak out!

Today, our society isn’t so much divided by rich and poor, religious and nonreligious, Feyenoord and Ajax, local or international. Last month, I visited the Dream Out Loud exhibition in Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam’s contemporary art museum. With a great collection…

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Couch potato culture 2016

There’s no shortage of events and activities during the holidays. (Take a look at all the things your membership pass has to offer). But it’s also the time of year to be lazy – dark days at the end of…

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How to spend your holidays

What are your plans for the holidays? Turkey dinner and Dutch delicacy oliebollen? Or cultural fireworks with We Are Public? Here’s a few pointers on how to spend your holidays. Marvellous movie theatres Embrace the dark days. Dive into the…

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