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Shedding some extra light on the We Are Public programme, our blog features background information, in-depth interviews and other write-ups. Get to know our editors and meet the programme creators, discover the similarities between different events and read about the experiences of We Are Public members. Read our English blog posts here, and find all our entries on our Dutch website.


We Are Public-programme in March

As measures are being taken in regard to the corona virus, all programmes up until 1 June will be cancelled or postponed. On our own website, we will keep you up to date regarding any developments in the programmes on…

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In between parties

Feel like you’ve spent enough time with your family? Have you visited enough museums, theatres and concert halls with your WAP pass this holiday? Or are you simply ready to become a couch potato at home? Whatever it may be,…

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Get ready for cultural fireworks!

Ready to escape the cold weather, copious amounts of ‘oliebollen’, the endless stream of dishes, and the annoying pine needles that always find their way into your socks? Well, it’s time for some cultural fireworks outside your own city! Catch…

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Column News

What is the value of art?

Ever heard of the Bitcoin Tracker? I still have one on my phone. It’s one of those apps that shows me how much a Bitcoin is worth. I nearly invested in Bitcoins. Everyone was buying them, and they doubled in…

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