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The first programmes of We Are Public 2020 are announced!

Published 11 Nov 2019 at 12:56 by We Are Public

Short days, cold noses, goosebumps and winter blues: winter is coming, and we never seem to get used to it. The best remedy? Let your New Year’s resolutions run wild and fill your evenings with cultural adventures! What can you expect in 2020? What dates deserve a prominent place in your diary? These collaborations are too good to keep to ourselves. Enjoy this exclusive sneak-peek into the upcoming programme!

SPRING x We Are Public

For those who prefer to skip winter altogether: wake up from hibernation in spring at the SPRING Performing Arts Festival in Utrecht. From 14 until 23 May you can find a wide range of performances and installations created by both new and established talent from home and abroad. You will find established artists by the likes of Florentina Holzinger (Austria/The Netherlands), Dries Verhoeven (The Netherlands), Eko Supriyanto (Indonesia) and new talent such as Jaha Koo (Korea) and Ingrid Berger-Myhre (Norway). SPRING Festival was listed on the We Are Public programme last year as well and recently you could visit SPRING in Autumn, so it will come as no surprise that we are continuing this collaboration in 2020!

Movies that Matter x We Are Public

Movies that Matter films are included in the We Are Public programme of several cities all year round, but in between 20 and 28 March the whole of The Hague will be taken over by their film festival! Movies that Matter opens your eyes to the journey towards a just world and a sustainable society. An artistic quality mark for human rights, if you will. We are thrilled to team up with this festival, and evidently, so are We Are Public members! Over 660 members already went to see a film during the festival or one of the ‘on tour’ events. We love the enthusiasm!

STRP 2020 x We Are Public

Nearly three years ago we created the Brabant branch of We Are Public during the STRP festival. Naturally, the festival is on our programme again in 2020. STRP doesn’t clutch to depressing dystopias, but offers a positive, open and critical view on the one thing in life we cannot avoid: the future. Exactly who and what you will be able to see between 2 and 5 April is still unknown, but the 10th edition promises to be an event to look forward to! More information about the programme will be announced in January.

Imagine Film Festival x We Are Public

Shiver, jump up and be amazed during the largest film festival about the imagination. The festival takes place in between 15 and 25 April and will take you on a journey to other worlds and beyond, straight from your comfy cinema seat. Both new and established film makers are on the impressive menu. Imagine Film Festival received 148 hearts from We Are Public members last year – perhaps we can duplicate that number next year?

Holland Dance x We Are Public

A festival brimming with firsts: during the biennial Holland Dance festival in The Hague you will discover an array of international performances, some of which you won’t find anywhere else in the Netherlands. About 50 diverse shows by makers from all over the world will occupy The Hague’s theatres during January and February. But it won’t stop there: Amsterdam, Delft and Tilburg are on the festival map as well. If we can’t convince you, we will let our members speak for themselves: over 440 of them visited the festival during the last few years!

fABULEUS | Clara Hermans

Tweetakt x We Are Public

Tweetakt is a theater, music and art festival spread out over the course of four months in Utrecht’s city center, its theatres and Fort Ruigenhoek. It is adventurous, buzzing with young talent and intended for a broad audience: a festival after our own hearts. Over 137 We Are Public members have visited the festival before, so make sure to mark it on your calendars: 27 March until 14 June!

WhyNot Festival x We Are Public

Between 22 until 25 January, a number of our favourite places in Amsterdam will be centred around the WhyNot Festival: Stedelijk Museum, Bimhuis and Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. Expect contemporary dance in unexpected places and unstoppable emerging talent. As such, the 7th edition -featuring Marc Vanrunxt & Slagwerk Den Haag, De Polyband and Jennifer Tee- simply cannot be excluded from our programme. We will be waiting with bated breath!

Forget about your winter blues, wipe the morning dew off of your face and start planning your cultural adventures! Either for the final stretch of 2019 or plan ahead for the new year to come. Join us in November and get the first month for free! ▶︎ More information


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