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Daphne Oude Geerdink

A-Lonely Show | Week Tegen Eenzaamheid

Pop-up exhibition about loneliness

This event has already taken place

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Loneliness is flourishing more than ever in this pandemic world. This exciting program displays how people can bond through performance, photography, film and video. Time to crawl out of your den!
Selected by: Inez de Coo, Film and art curator

Important: before leaving home, please check our partner’s website by clicking the link below for up to date information about this programme.

In the first week of October  the national Week tegen Eenzaamheid (Week Against Loneliness) takes place. This week is centered around social activities with the aim to stimulate encounters. It’s a good opportunity to, on a local level, call attention to the theme of solitude. Initiators of the A-Lonely Show Ka-Tjun Hau and Nanine van Smoorenburg are seizing this week to adress loneliness though art, engaging in conversations and the spreading of (more) awareness around the feeling of disconnectedness. The pop-up exhibition consists of visual arts, photography, film and video art and can be visited on 3 & 4 October in concept club Sexyland, located at NDSM in Amsterdam North. Also available is the public event featuring a workshop on Saturday. Click here to sign up.

A-Lonely Show is exhibiting works by Anna Berkhof, Anne de Groot, Boris Lyppens, Daphne Oude Geerdink, Dimitri van den Wittenboer, Ekin Asar, Hannah Jacques, Jacky Hijstek, Kiki Beernink, Luca Penning, Mees Bergshoeff, Operafront & Opera Zuid, Parels voor de Zwijnen, Sytske van Koeveringe, Tatjana Macic, STHOM., Trude Hol, Vincent Sparreboom and Zora Prins.

Picture by Daphne Oude Geerdink

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