AFFR | Bulldozer Politics met Léopold Lambert

Film lecture on architecture and war

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French architect and activist Léopold Lambert uses his podcast The Funambulist and his own magazine to reflect on our constructed environment. Today he'' discuss the developments in Israel, where Palestine buildings are being demolished.
Selected by: Inez de Coo, Film and art curator

This film festival on architecture and war turns out to be so much more than just filming building. City, landscape, social climate change, the environment, but also sand castles and miniatures, are all included in the program. Architectuur Filmfestival Rotterdam is thé number one film festival focusing on city and architecture. Our film curator Inez de Coo curated her own selection of interesting films you can watch Friday night:

16:45 – Bulldozer Politics with Léopold Lambert
18:45 – City Dreamers | Joseph Hillel (+ after talk with Tracy Metz)
21:00 – Mario Botta. The Space Beyond | Loretta Dalpozzo, Michèle Volontè

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