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Front Row event In Art We Trust
Foto: Milena Twiehaus

Amos Ben-Tal | Today’s Makers #2

Raw and engaging dance

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We Are Public supports Amos Ben-Tal through the In Art We Trust Fund. So his collective OFFprojects can help us time-travel through their hypnotising dance.

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About Amos Ben-Tal & OFFprojects

Choreographer, dancer and musician Amos Ben-Tal has worked together with ICK and Korzo amongst others and hit the stage with Spinvis during the show Howl, for which he received the Dioraphte Dance Award back in 2016.

Amos Ben-Tal creates out-of-the-box dance performances as the choreographer and artistic leader of OFFprojects. Using movement, text, sound and impressive dancers, the collective creates performances and installations that never cease to amaze.

60 is OFFprojects’ latest production, about the human experience of time. The majority of the tour couldn’t take place due to the current crisis. A pity, particularly as it’s theme is so relevant today. That is why they are working on a “future-proof” version of 60, in preparation for the time when theatres will be reopening again with limited capacity. In addition, Amos and his team are going ahead with their research in online projects. Their obsession with the perception of time has led them to still photography and a new way of documenting movement. Half-Life is a short choreography of photography, made especially for We Are Public.

It’s About Time

On Thursday 4 June, science and dance will collide in an interactive talk-show about our experience of time. Follow this link for more information.

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In Art We Trust

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This month we will distribute € 35.000 between 15 makers.

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