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Bart van de Woestijne | Today’s Makers #3

Prophetic theatre maker mercilessly confronting us with our own vulnerability

We Are Public members are supporting our makers with hearts. Join them?

We Are Public supports Bart van de Woestijne through the In Art We Trust Fund. To ensure the grand topics he addresses will continue to find their way to the stage.

Keen to help out? You can! Log in and give him your heart. Read more on our fund down below.

About Bart van de Woestijne

There’s no avoiding it – his shows will make you think! Bart van de Woestijne knows how to hit his audience right in the feels through his big questions. Many We Are Public members attended his paradoxical performance In Order of Disappearance, about seclusion and being alone. Members also found their way to Rechtszaak tegen de Dood (Lawsuit against Death), for which he collaborated with In Art We Trust maker Eva Knibbe.

Zuurstofschuld (Oxygen debt) was going to premiere at Over ’t IJ Festival this year. A philosophical spinning class exposing the vulnerability of both our bodies and our existence. Thankfully Bart is able to continue with the rehearsal process again.

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In Art We Trust

We Are Public will keep investing in arts and culture. Now more than ever! That is why our membership will work a little differently for the time being:

✔️ Every month our curators will select 15 makers
✔️ Our main focus will be on independent makers, who have been hit hard by the current circumstances. Makers we think are brilliant and want to enable to keep working. Makers who we want to list in our programme again when the time comes.
✔️ As a member you are able to heart makers on our website to express your support.
This month we will distribute € 35.000 between 15 makers.

Join us. We need your art-loving heart!

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