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Visual art at home

Our curators have assembled the best online visual art tips

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It is an absurd time. Many things that we tend to take for granted are suddenly highlighted. This leads to a lot of reflection and a large number of questions. What is art worth during a crisis? How important is it to experience art live, being physically present? What are the alternatives? For some disciplines the 'live' aspect of a performance may be an essential ingredient, crucial to transfer the maker's intention, whereas for other disciplines it can be liberating to move to a limitless digital platform. When it comes to visual art both might be the case.
Selected by: Tina Farifteh, Film and art curator

Galleries and museums may be shut for the time being, luckily they have adopted the mindset: if the public can’t come to the exhibitions, we will bring the exhibitions to the public! We have listed some of the best options below.

On Friday 20 March at 16:00 you can see a preview of Foam’s latest exhibition On Earth – Imaging through a livestream on Instagram. The stream will be saved on Foam’s IGTV. 27 contemporary artists explore and question our relationship with technology and nature, each with their own vision, strategy and medium such as photography, video, installation art, sculptures and VR. Our favourites are Melanie Bonajo’s Progress vs Susents and Guido van der Werve’s nr. 8. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Foam Magazine‘s online archive to gain access to a enormous collection of brilliant photography.

Stay at Home Stedelijk
The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is urging everyone to stay at home with their new online project #stayathomestedelijk. Don’t miss out on the mini-documentaries on previous exhibitions by artists such as Mike Kelly and Studio Drift.

Brussel video art archive ARGOS is providing week-long access to a different work every Friday. The first episode of ARGOS TV is Double-Take by Johan Grimonprez, an excellent work about doppelgängers and Alfred Hitchcock.

Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y
Another one to add to your list is Johan Grimonprez’ classic Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, now available online. The film hit the sweet spot between art and visual art as Grimonprez researches the history of airplane highjacking through an associative mix of found footage. The film takes a critical look at the media spectacle and the impact of images on our history, collective memory and emotions.

Mister Motley
Art needs time to develop and sink in and this delicious podcast by Mister Motley has enough of it! 125 artists are taking the mic for 45 minutes. In addition, a two-part written series named Afgelaste Kunst (Canceled Art) Mister Motley will share all the exhibitions that unfortunately cannot take place now. It is painful to see, but also necessary in order to understand the impact that this situation has on the art world. Click on the links to watch Afgelaste Kunst deel 1 and Afgelaste Kunst deel 2.

The IMPAKT Channel by IMPAKT – Centre for Mediaculture offers an extensive archive of the best video art. You can find programmes categorised by theme, but also watch the works individually. Our favourites: Luxury Survival Fair by Mary Ponomareva, The Centrifuge Brain Project by Till Nowak, Hyper-Reality by Keiichi Matsuda, Operation Jane Walk by Leonhard Müllner and Robin Klengel, and last but not least The Stroker by Pilvi Takala, the artist selected for the Finnish pavilion of the 2021 Venice Biennale.

De Migrant
Definitely watch De Migrant (The Migrant). This online multimedia project by Dutch photographer Anaïs López tells the story of Javan Mynah, a little black bird with yellow feet, a prominent crest and a sharp voice.

There is plenty to find on Arttube, a collective museum platform filled with videos and blogs about current exhibitions. Our absolute favourite is this video about Joost Rekveld. A perfect introduction to his work!

Dutch Masters in the 21e Century
Watch fifteen minute portraits of Dutch artists at work through Hollandse Meesters in de 21e Eeuw, featuring a wide range of artists from Erik van Lieshout and Joost Conijn to Fiona TanNatasja Kensmil, Aernout Mik and Sjoerd Buisman.

Louisiana Channel
The Louisiana Channel of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denemarken, has a massive online archive of leading artists, architects and designers. Definitely watch: Lars von Trier, Shirin Neshat, Lauren Greenfield and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Candles for Earthlings
Adrián Villar Rojas’ exhibition at the Oude Kerk had to close their doors, but that didn’t cause the project to end. As part of Candles voor Earthlings, a special place has been established at the chapel of Oostpoort (address: Oudekerksplein 1). On Wednesdays and Sundays between 10:00 and 18:00, one person is allowed to enter the chapel and light a disinfected candle asking the question: how can this crisis change the world?

We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces
An unexpected result of the crisis is the revival of ‘net art’, art that can only be experienced in the digital realm. We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces is a new exhibition created by Chronus Art Center in Shanghai, Art Center Nabi in Seoul and The New Museum in New York City. MU and V2_Lab functioned as their Dutch counterparts. You are able to view ten new works that were commissioned especially for this exhibition, made by Evan Roth, Tega Brain, Sam Lavigne and JODI, amongst others. The link will take you to their website where you can view the works by hovering over the dots.

This list will be supplemented with new tips over time.

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