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Beyoncé | Lemonade

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Lemonade hit like a bomb, not just because of its unexpected release, but primarily because of Beyoncé’s powerful accounts of her own experiences as a black woman. Raw, personal and pioneering. Go see it on the silver screen!
Selected by: Ellen Dorrestein, Music and Dance Curator

Music video on the silver screen

The Nutshuis has put together a special screening of Beyoncé’s legendary ‘visual music album’ Lemonade. Released in 2016, Lemonade is an album, a spoken word performance, a visual essay and a music video the length of a feature film wrapped in one. Using visual cues from African and African-American tradition, Lemonade visualizes experiences from Beyoncé’s personal life as well as her reality as a black woman in America. Let yourself be ushered through this unique viewing and listening experience by one of the greatest icons of our times.

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