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One-time performance in the Netherlands by Lars Ulrich's favourite band

This event has already taken place

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This Norwegian stonerpunk band currently travels along with Metallica on their worldtour, but takes this quick pit stop at Amersfoort, preforming solely with their own band! Prepare yourself for some fast riffs, a lot of energy and the aggression that regularlay goes along with hardcore punk.
Selected by: Hanan De Sain, Music curator

The Norwegian rock power trio Bokassa is coming to the Netherlands to perform their only one show which they will ever perform on our soil, at the FLUOR. They are the standard supporting act for the legendary band Metallica, which already somewhat indicates their status in stoner punk culture. Raging guitar play, ultra fast riffs, some hints of trash metal and a whole lot of exhilarating entertainment on stage. You will probably find out quite soon why this is Lars Ulrich’s new favourite band.

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