Multidisciplinary spectacle based on a famous dystopian novelle

We are all familiar with the ideal alluring utopian images of the world, the oppositional dystopia though is quite less popular. In 1932 Aldous Huxley wrote his dystopian science fiction novelle Brave New World which still, now 90 years later, seems to captivate and intrigue us. That sort of alarming cautious feeling is translated into dance, music and theatre in the choreography Brave New World 2.0, created by director and choreograph Guy Weizman. In 2018 he won the award for best directing and was inspired here by contemporary thinkers like Naomi Klein, Thomas Piketty and Yuval Harari.

Surtitles in English.

Photo: Lex Vesseur and Jelmer Buitenga

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