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Melkweg Expo

Claiming Space Talks & Workshops | Questions Collective

Cooking, talking and listening to music as feminist acts

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What a cool programme! Learn how to make Vegan Lesbian Curry to shred the patriarchy, discuss sexuality to learn how to fuck like a feminist, hear about the tricky issues surrounding women in hip-hop and finish with a fine online DJ set by Bao G.
Selected by: Inez de Coo, Film and art curator

This programme is organised in connection to the exhibition Claiming Space by Questions Collective and is hosted by Melkweg in Amsterdam.

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The programme consists of a workshop, two talks (in Dutch) and a closing liveset by Bao G:

17.30 Chopping Up the Patriarchy (ENG)
19.30 Claim Your Sexuality: Fuck Like a Feminist (NL)
21.00 WOMXNHOOD Presents: Women in Hip-Hop (NL)
22.00 Bao G

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