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We May Have All Come on Different Ships, But We’re in the Same Boat Now | Sarah van Sonsbeeck

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When I met Sarah van Sonsbeeck in 2013, she was already planning her journey to the desolate island group of Tristan da Cunha. Her new exhibition displays what she experienced there.
Selected by: Job de Wit, Film and music ambassador

The Oude Kerk used to be a port church where ships were blessed and where prayers were offered for the safe return of seafarers. Even though the Oude Kerk had lost this position, artist Sarah van Sonsbeeck aims to bring the sea back into the church. Her work connects the history of the Oude Kerk with the current issue of migration. Sonsbeck showcases rescue blankets that keep the refugees warm after crossing the sea in dreadful conditions.This represents a link between the golden protective material and the centuries-old building that offered protection and shelter for the shipwrecked.

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