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An evening packed with adventurous art, theatre and music that challenges and contends, taking place in various spaces in Amsterdam's coolest club.
Selected by: Leon Caren, Music curator


We Are Public presents Culture Club: a day at De School filled with enticing cultural activities and events for our cultural adventurers. You can expect various big names from the art scene, stimulating programs, sneak previews, music (ranging from electronic to classical), visual art, theatre, film and much, much more.

Make sure to use De School’s main entrance!


Yung Nnelg | Melkweg
22.45 h – Muzieklokaal
One of the taste makers of this year’s edition of Appelsap brings his captivating hip hop to the Culture Club. Give it up for this Bijlmer rapper.

Junior Company | Embers | Nationale Opera & Ballet
Starts at 19.45 h and 20.45 h – Garderobe
Junior Company perform a compact, physical duet. Attraction and rejection, man and woman: a razor-sharp ballet by young talent.

BetweenTwoHands | Paperwork | Over het IJ Festival
19.15 h – Muzieklokaal
BetweenTwoHands brings Kafka’s world to life in a theatrical installation made of paper. With one single fold, an entire world can appear or dissappear.

Luc Mast | De School
23.15 h – 01.00 h – Muzieklokaal
De School present their number-one music lover and programmer: Luc Mast.

Youri Peters en Marie Khatib-Shahidi | Morning, Mourning | WhyNot
Starts at 20.15 h, 21.15 h – Gaderobe
With their intense performance Morning, Mourning, dancers Youri Peter & Marie Khatib-Shahidi merge emotions and movement.

Lester Arias | Sing some songs, talk the talk and walk the walk
22.15 h – Kunstlokaal
The charismatic performer Lester Arias creates new realities, in which atmospheric electronic sounds transform mythical creatures into a personal story.

Perforator | Splendor
20.45 h – Muzieklokaal
Electronica wizard Akim Moiseenkov and Marloes van Gangelen tell stories using the hobo and a joystick as instruments.

Björk Níelsdóttir | Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ / The Rest Is Noise
21.15 h – Kunstlokaal
Epic Icelandic soprano solo.

Cinema Egzotik | EYE
21.00 h – 01.00 h – S105
During this special edition of Cinema Egzotik, director Martin Koolhoven and EYE programmer Ronald Simons select their absolute highlights in underground film. A serious dosage of action guaranteed! Screenings include Maniac (2012), Evil Dead 2 (1987) and Zardoz (1975).

Céline Talens | Expeditie: Moderne Holenmens | Sandberg Instituut
Starts at 20.30 h, 21.30 h, 22.30 h – S105 | Make sure to be on time to participate in the expedition!
They live in the cracks of the city, like shadows in the blind spots of our daily life: Modern Cave People. They are creatures that retreat from society for divergent reasons. Due to their secretive lifestyle, we know very little about this new phenomena. Embrace the darkness with a professional Urban Wildlife Spotter and discover Expeditie: Moderne Holenmensen.

Bike & City | Pakhuis de Zwijger
19.45 h – S105
Come join Maats, Deen Travellers and CycleSpace in a lecture on bicycle science in the talkshow Bike & City. (Dutch)

Dilan Yurdakul | Podium Mozaïek en NMF RRReuring
22.00 h – S105
Actrice, theatremaker and our very own curator Dilan Yurdakul presents a significantly experimental solo: Carmen. In the feminist performance, Yurdakul draws connections between the present and the wild man-killer from the 19th century novel of the same name. (Dutch)

Full Screen | featuring: May Heek, Inge Meijer, Puck Schot, Adam Nillissen and Max de Waard and more | Unfair
19.00 h – Cinema
Art meets film on an enormous 10 meter wide panorama wall! Unfair invited 18 artists to contribute to this immersive video installation. 

15/LOVE | De School
19.00 h – 01.00 h – Aula | Tours start at 20.00 h and 22.00 h
15/Love give the concept of sculpture garden a new twist, with a tennis court in the leading role. Tennis sneakers on and go!

Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest in a special formation | NedPhO
20.15 h – Kunstlokaal
Arabic and western music meet in a preview of Souk by the NedPhO string quartet.

Alma Mathijsen, Lucas de Waard and Thomas Heerma van Voss | Bezige Bij
20.00 h – De Nachtwinkel
Literature (Dutch)

Maurice Seleky and Emily Kocken, Basje Boer & Jan van Tienen
21.15 uur – De Nachtwinkel
New books, sneak peeks and talks about writing new books. (Dutch)

Stefano Keizers | Erg Heel | Theater Bellevue
21.45 h – Muzieklokaal
Stefano Keizers’s latest performance Erg Heel, of which a preview will be performed today, is a dangerous and disruptive piece of threatre. Expect a rollercoaster of lighthearted anecdotes combined with trash metal. (Dutch)

Oscar Jan Hoogland | Bimhuis
23.00 h – S105
Jazz and pop melt together under pianist Oscar Jan Hoogland’s fingertips.

Partners organisations
EYE Filmmuseum, Melkweg Amsterdam, Nationale Opera & Ballet, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Podium Mozaïek, Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest | Nederlands Kamerorkest, Unfair Amsterdam, Over het IJ Festival, Splendor, Sandberg Instituut, De School, Frascati, Festival WhyNot, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ / The Rest is Noise, Bimhuis, De Bezige Bij.


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