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Dekmantel Festival | Marcos Valle

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Marcos Valle’s super funky Brazilian pop builds bridges between audiences of all shapes and sizes – everything from cool 50-year-olds to music freaks in their 20s. Leave it to the guys behind Dekmantel to shine their spotlight on this exotic music hero boasting a career that has lasted over 50 years.
Selected by: Job de Wit, Film and music ambassador

Brazilian Boogie

Renaissance man of Brazilian funk-pop Marcos Valle has been winning over the hearts and ears of people everywhere since the 1960s. His totally summer, groovy ‘70s sound is a concoction of funk, bossa nova, jazz and samba. Valle has worked with fellow Brazilian greats Sérgio Mendes and Astrud Gilberto and has written music for telenovelas. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Valle live on this end of the planet.


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