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DNR Filmclub | Tribute to Nicolas Roeg | Walkabout

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A modern Hansel and Gretel in the outback of Australia. It's a movie full of hypnotising (and sensual) juxtaposed shots of the wildlife, and reflects on nature, civilisation, family and traditions.
Selected by: Ben Terwel, Music curator

Classic about kids in the wild

In an ode to the recently deceased master director Nicolas Roeg, best known for his films The Man Who Fell To Earth (starring David Bowie) and Don’t Look Now, DNR Filmclub is screening another classic from Roeg’s heyday called Walkabout. A father takes his kids, who grew up in the city, to the Australian outback. They flee when they find out their father intends to murder them. Lost in an unknown wilderness, the brother and sister are found by an Aboriginal boy who helps them find their way back to civilisation. Without judgement, the filmmaker explores the misunderstandings that arise as a result of language and culture.

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