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Fringe Festival | Don’t Worry Be Yoncé

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After its success during the fringe festival, now on show at the bellevue lunch theatre: Beyonce has everything, so why not become Beyonce? Een short course. Interesting research about strong women of this time.
Selected by: Céline Talens, Theatre curator

A lecture performance to awaken the Beyoncé in you

Beyoncé is a powerful and successful singer that embodies a role model for people of all ages. Why wouldn’t you want to be more like her? Don’t Worry Be Yoncé is a workshop (for beginners to advanced) for everyone who wants to awaken the pop icon within. Step by step, you’ll be told how to unleash the Beyoncé in you. Become the diva, queen, sex bomb, mother, woman and feminist you’ve always wanted to be.

Please note: this performance will take place in English.

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