Film exhibition about time and mortality

The Hague-based film artist Jeroen Eisinga takes over the Elektriciteitsfabriek for an ambitious installation featuring five of his films. The focal point of this exhibition is his new work, Nightfall, a static film that zooms in on a herd of sheep in the snow as they surround a frozen, fallen member. Mortality, transience and the passing of time are central themes in all of Eisinga’s works. Also on display, for example, is his impressive film Sehnsucht, depicting accelerated black and white footage of a dead zebra, that makes it appear to breathe as it decomposes. Eisinga’s choice for these very specific subjects pose a big challenge for the preparation. More often than not, the crew has to work under extreme conditions, even more so because of the use of analogue 35mm celluloid film. Hence the reference to exploring in the exhibition’s title; Expedition Eisinga.

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