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Gerard Petrus Fieret / Peter Hujar

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Peter Hujar was a romantic. His works are melancholic and quiesced; both timeless and inherently connected to the time and place in which they were taken. G.P. Fieret, however, created very unruly and energetic works, full of sex and joie de vivre. His pictures also have a sense of timelessness, yet at the same time they undoubtedly show the period they originated from.
Selected by: Basje Boer, Film ambassador

Two lesser known great photographers

Recently Ed van der Elsken’s famous works were showcased in Amsterdam. Now the Fotomuseum in The Hague offers an extensive view into the world of a lesser known colleague from the same period, Gerard Petrus Fieret. A wayward photographer who propelled the autonomous movement of the sixties and seventies with his unconventional subjects and headstrong, experimental style. In a short period, he shot an astonishing amount of material, mainly of women, often nude, experimenting with contra-academic techniques along the way.

Peter Hujar features a similar personality, committing himself to shooting authentic portraits of like-minded people from the underground scene of New York.

Next to these two exhibitions, you can marvel at the unusually pixelated works of Jean-Jacques Calbayrac. Created solely by his trusty Gameboy Camera system from the nineties. A failed toy product with an extremely low resolution, from a decade in which the digital camera had yet to revolutionise the consumer market.

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