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Front Row event In Art We Trust

Front Row presents: Donna Verheijden Trilogy I Private Viewing + Artist Talk

Impressive video art and meeting with the artist

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Fantasy and reality, private and public, everything interweaves in the work of Donna. Her three video works on our contemporary visual culture and media landscape celebrate the power of visual temptation on the one hand, and confronts us with our lack of resistance on the other. Her visual critique is a feast for the eyes!
Selected by: Tina Farifteh, Film and art curator

We Are Public’s Front Row takes you to a private viewing of the latest video art by contemporary videographer Donna Verheijden, exhibited in TAC. Donna herself will also be present for an artist talk on her work. Whether it is John Berger or Jean-Luc Godard, Alice in Wonderland or Katy Perry, everyone and everything in the work of Donna is mesmerising, seductive and alluring. Do we really want to live our lives like a music video or commercial?

Jewellery, high-class parties and attractive people; we are overexposed to the sublime. But what do we really share in our interaction through our apps, text messages, likes and shares? Is it private or public? Is everything about superficial glamour or the content underneath? Are you living an authentic lifestyle or are you just a consumer participating in a capitalist society? Will you be seduced or misdirected?

Front Row exhibits All the World’s a Stage – Ways of Seeing, Land of Desire – Happy is the New Black and her latest work Kiss the Sky – Eye Trick the I. These three works were first exhibited together by Front Row in De School, Amsterdam. A recap of this is shown below.

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