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Front Row Festival

The all-out arts fest

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The group of makers we've been supporting with Front Row is now so large and diverse that you could fill a festival with it, so that's exactly what we're going to do. During this second edition of the Front Row Festival we'll be showing you surprising performances in all corners of RADION!
Selected by: Daniël Kieft, Theatre and dance curator

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It’s everything time

Front Row Festival is your highly needed dose of art, music, theatre, performances and literature.  The whole evening you can discover surprising acts by today’s best makers, in all corners of RADION.


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▶︎ BEA1991 | Lucid dreams fuelled by music, humour and mystery
▶︎ Arno Schuitemaker | A journey of empowerment resulting in ultimate freedom
▶︎ Cemre Kara | Theatre or food fight?
▶︎ Carly Rose Bedford | Workshop: Nervous Spells
▶︎ Golin | A euphoric Japanese pop hallucination
▶︎ Keren Rosenberg | Ritual journey escalating into rave
▶︎ Poezieboys | Compelling poetry on steroids 🇳🇱
▶︎ Cherella Gessel & Maria Anouk & LASHAAWN | Healing rap, grungy guitar & fabulous drag performances | 🇳🇱 & English spoken
▶︎ Linus Kropp & Martin Malibu| Portrait of musical anti-hero chock-full of Cowboy Love.
▶︎ Alice Wong & Crys Leung | Candy as essential art
▶︎ Amos Ben-Tal | Dance on the border of order and chaos
▶︎ Club Classique | Surrealistic trip with living paintings and music 🇳🇱
▶︎ Jordan Achiano | A journey within
▶︎ Puts | Psst.. secret location, nested audio installation

Front Row Cinema
Talented makers show their short films on the big screen.
▶︎ Thessa Meijer – The Walking Fish + Hitte | Weird and uncomfortable: this fish wants to be human ánd a bubblegum horror movie about climate change.
▶︎ Lara Aerts – Meisjesjongensmix | Male/female, pink/blue: we’re over it
▶︎ Teddy’s Last Ride – Safe Sex – The Movie | Hypnotising rave packed with beats and dance

Front Row Book club 🇳🇱
Books, sweat and tears. Debuting Dutch writers in conversation with Basje Boer
▶︎ Maurits de Bruijn – Ook mijn Holocaust
▶︎ Pete Wu – De Bananengeneratie
▶︎ Bernke Klein Zandvoort – Veldwerk
▶︎ Jan van Tienen – Er is niets wat hier nog blijft
▶︎ Peter Buurman – Een goede nachtrust


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Doors open at 18:30. Drinks and snacks available at Café Radion.


If you visit this Festival, we ask you to show a QR code as proof of your COVID Certificate and your ID.

Thanks to: Het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, BankGiro Loterij Fonds and VSBfonds.


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Front Row

Front Row is the ongoing cultural experiment by We Are Public. We are curating and creating groundbreaking programmes in collaboration with the best contemporary makers of the moment.

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