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Front Row reaches its boiling point with work by exciting makers in unusual places. Experience a whirlwind of art, music and performance around the clock. Everything is possible! Stereotypes will be demolished and you will be challenged to extend your horizon in every way.
Selected by: Daniël Kieft, Theater curator

LINE-UP Front Row Festival

►155 – eenvijfvijf | Mini motors & big guys, hit the gas and GO!

► FULL MOON: video art at the cinema | New talent, established names and obscure experiments
Kévin Bray
Nam June Paik
Stéphanie Lagarde
Jonas Brinker

► Dansmakers Amsterdam: Moving Forward | Simple, complex, poetic, these young choreographers are not to be missed
Mami Kang ► Transmission
Lucas Devroe ► It’s Simple, I am Complex
Stina Fors ► A Poetical Circumstance

► URLAND & oneseconds | Evil weblords, games, art, what’s not to like?

► Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest | Classical music meets industrial setting

► Donna Verheijden | Sugar-sweet or rather sour-patched? Wrap your mind around this video installation

► Artun Alaska Arasli | Premiere by young artist, curator, writer

► WhyNot | A must-swipe-right performance bot

► Rouzbeh Teymouri | Bird of paradise & bedroom producer

► Toneelschuur Producties 🇳🇱 | Sneak peek into the new theatre season & young talent

► Anne-Jan Reijn | Featuring a dixi toilet on stage and the slaughter of potential offspring

► Questions Collective | Life size eyelash curlers and more

► Arno Schuitemaker | Hypnotising sensory experience in a gritty setting

► Thomas Raat | Will make you fall in love with postmodern art 

► Sydney & Leon | Pull an all nighter with our very favourite DJ duo

► Grafwerk (Gerri Jäger & Sannety) | Drummers without boundaries

► Basje Boer 🇳🇱 | An interview relay race with young talented writers:
Bernke Klein Zandvoort
Jan van Tienen
Sofie Lakmaker
Pete Wu
Emma Curvers

Locations: Oedipus Brewing, FC Hyena, Dansmakers Amsterdam, SkateCafe & HERO

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Front Row

This programme is part of Front Row, We Are Public’s very own on-going cultural experiment. In association with the best contemporary makers of the moment we curate these unique groundbreaking programmes.

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