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Front Row | Julian Hetzel | The Automated Sniper | Special Edition

Performance installation about warfare as a game

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Julian Hetzel confronts us with the absurdity and consequences of war. Fact and fiction, play and seriousness, art and war, perpetrators and victims are intertwined. What begins as an innocent game ends in a battlefield and the audience slowly becomes complicit.

Hetzel has transformed the performance into an installation for We Are Public. I am extremely curious about this new form and the interaction between the spectators and players.
Selected by: Tina Farifteh, Film and visual art curator

The Automated Sniper | The Installation

We Are Public brings you the Special Edition of The Automated Sniper by Julian Hetzel. An immersive experience that combines gaming, visual arts and performance. And you’re the one to pull the trigger.

With drones and long distance bombs, the violence of war has been removed from the hands of soldiers and people who give orders. Warfare is starting to look more and more like a computer game. What ethics can we claim today when the enemy is reduced to a collection of pixels on the monitor? How far would you go?

Together with Het HEM and Studio Julian Hetzel we present this installation in the former ammunition factory in Zaandam.


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Image by Bas de Brouwer


Thanks to: Het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, BankGiro Loterij Fonds and VSBfonds.


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