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Front Row | Philip Vermeulen | Verbógen verbrijzeld

Exclusive exhibition visit by hypnotic installation artist

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We already received a sneak peak of Philip's new work in his studio a few weeks ago, and now it's time for the unveiling! As we can only expect from this talented creator, he has once again done his best to over-stimulate all your senses and blur the boundaries between light, sound & movement.
Selected by: Astrid Vromans, Curator visual art

Philip Vermeulen‘s experimental hypersculptures give you a hypnotic experience filled with light, sound and movement. Front Row invites you to see Philip’s solo exhibition Verbógen Verbrijzeld (Bent and Broken) in W139, including a Q&A: what inspired him to make this work?

In Verbógen Verbrijzeld, white light is bent and mechanically shattered into thousands of pieces of colour. The result? An overwhelming mix of colour, piercing sound and wind from fastly spinning machines. Before knowing it, you’ll find yourself in a world where man and matter merge.

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Front Row

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