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Front Row presents: Music lecture | Aart Strootman

A lecture on unrestricted music

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Aart Strootman detects music in any possible sound: a beautiful starting point that allowed him to conquer many hearts and ears as a musician, composer, instrument maker, researcher and teacher. And just for us, he will elaborate on his latest research project today. Not only is he looking for new auditive possibilities and challenges for the acoustic guitar, but he is also interested in examining how these new instruments and their music can be distributed around the globe in the form of digital designs. With the purpose of reaching more musicians, composers and specifically: audience! A kind of ‘’open source’ principle that makes my musical heart beat faster!
Selected by: Ben Terwel, Music curator

Is it possible to compose music for an instrument that doesn’t exist yet? According to Aart Strootman it is. As a composer he got confronted with the restrictions of the current and age-old instruments when writing new music. What happens if you don’t adjust your music to the instrument, but your instrument to the music? Aart is currently a PhD candidate at the university of Leiden. In this Front Row lecture he will discuss his research and share insights that are rooted in his experience as a composer, musician and instrument maker.

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