We Are Public’s ongoing cultural experiment Front Row takes Choreographer Arno Schuitemaker to OT301 for a one-off special edition of his hypnotising dance performance If You Could See Me Now (2017). In collaboration with Front Row, Arno adapted his acclaimed performance and created a compelling dance piece made for the dark and gritty club setting of OT301.

With seeming casualness, This special edition of If You Could See Me Now explores the potential of performances by creating a full-on hypnotizing sensory experience. By using the medium of the body and its movement, choreographer Arno Schuitemaker ushers the audience into a world where contradictions become interwoven with each other and the notion of time collapses. Propelled by the repetitive rhythms, the dancers progressively defy any expectations, inviting the viewers for another look, to look deeper, and to question the limits of the theatrical form.

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