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Front Row Presents: BTS #6 | Gabey Tjon a Tham

Behind the scenes with impressive installation artist

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Gabey Tjon a Tham’s kinetic installations have been inspiring me for ten years now. Not only are they memorable and mesmerizing experiences, but also sophisticated technology manually built and designed by her. Her works portray common ground between nature and the digital. What better place to engage in conversation with her than in her own studio: the iii Workspace. An initiative generated by very active and engaged artists operating from the Hague’s exciting interdisciplinary artworld.
Selected by: Ben Terwel, Music curator

Front Row takes you to iii Workspace: Gabey Tjon a Tham’s studio. Gabey balances on the fine threads of art, nature and technology with her room-filling installations.

A hypnotizing ballet of light beams, mechanically controlled waves and a forest of oscillating blue light wires: the borders between technology and art disperse in Gabey’s installations. Her latest work is an Augmented-Reality installation for Tetem art centre. How do the physical and the virtual relate to each other?

During this BTS you get to experience Gabey’s work in progress from up close. We will discuss her latest work and research method and her biggest source of inspiration: the relations between nature and technology.

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