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Front Row event In Art We Trust

Front Row presenteert: Gerri Jäger & Aart Strootman | Double Bill

Outrageous percussion and rare guitar play

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I would be lying if I wouldn't confess that this particular Front Row programme is the one I've been anticipating the most since September. A double bill from two amazing musicians with a love for the experimental and a skill to bend their instruments according to their will. However, both with their own individual approach. Gerri Jäger creates compellingly improvised electro-acoustic music with his drums and custom equipment. Aart Strootman, on the other hand, provides an inspirational view on acoustically composed music and an increasing collection of self-made microtonal instruments
Selected by: Ben Terwel, Music curator

Gerri Jäger

Drummer Gerri Jäger takes percussion to a whole new level. He interweaves his drums with analogue synthesizers, pedals and eye-catching light shows into innovative crossover performances. Next to his own work Gerri also performed with electronic trio KNALPOT and countless other musicians like Manu Delago (Bjork), Ensemble Klang and Fred Frith (Brian Eno). Tonight Gerri will perform solo.


Aart Atrootman

A 21 square meter marimba or a one-stringed guitar: Aart Strootman will give your experience of music a new definition through his unique instruments. Aart has won the Gaudeamus Award 2017, Matthijs Vermeulenprijs 2019 and Buma Classical Award 2020 i.a. with his compositions. Expect an intimate guitar performance with old and new work during this evening.


Front Row

Front Row is the ongoing cultural experiment by We Are Public. We are curating and creating groundbreaking programmes in collaboration with the best contemporary makers of the moment.

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