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Dimensional Sampling #1 door Yuxi Cao. Foto: Peter Tijhuis

Front Row presents: Nxt Museum | Private tour with Bogomir Doringer

Immerse yourself in the art of the future

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With no less than 1400 square meters in Amsterdam North, Nxt Museum is the first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to new media art. The inaugural exhibition ‘’Shifting Proximities’’ consists of eight large artworks, each one of them different in theme, form and implemented technology. Witness a tribute to the finesse of the QR code, the mapping of interplant communication between their roots, the ethics of facial recognition technologies and more.
Selected by: Tina Farifteh, Film and art curator

The brand new Nxt Museum allows you to discover the art of the future. Front Row offers you an exclusive tour through Shifting Proximities, guided by artist and Nxt Museum curator Bogomir Doringer. 

‘’Shifting Proximities’’ immerses you in digital art installations that challenge your senses and question your perspectives. Each of them multidisciplinary and created by artists, designers and scientists. During the tour accompanied by conversation and the Q&A with Bogomir, you get to know how ‘’Shifting Proximities’’ got realized and the ins and outs about the works.


Image: Dimensional Sampling #1 by Yuxi Cao. Photo: Peter Tijhuis

Front Row

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