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Erin Skye - Welcome to the Void - foto: Florian Ziemen

HUBS Immersive Festival (16:00)

Sensory experience with performances and installations

This event has already taken place

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During the first edition, choreographer duo Meyer-Chaffaud accomplished that which they are best at: to move and activate me to actively participate and open myself up. Not in a forced, but stimulating way. One in which you are taken by the hand exactly enough to avoid worrying about missing something, but at the same time get and feel the freedom to truly have new experiences in your own way.
Selected by: Ben Terwel, Music curator

The multidisciplinary HUBS IMMERSIVE Festival is a sensory experience full of (dance)performances and art installations in former swimming pool De Nieuwe Regentes. During the program, which lasts about 2,5 hours, you are taken on a tour through all of the building along art installations, (dance)performances and brand new works, commissioned by the festival team.

We Are Public members can buy a €3 ticket for all three tours (Friday 20:00, Saturday 16:00 and Saturday 20:30.) Log in with your personal account and click on ‘Ticketinfo’ for more information. Please make sure to arrive on time, as you will go through the theatre in groups.

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