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Identiteiten 1970-2017 | Hans Eijkelboom

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The first artwork I ever bought was by Hans Eijkelboom. 24 photographs of 24 men, each wearing a striped pullover while walking the streets of Arnhem, all together in one frame with a date stamp underneath. After 18 years, it still moves me. Eijkelboom's work is an ode to the daily, to our herd behavior and also our individuality at the same time. Not to miss.
Selected by: Manon Bovenkerk, Art and Film Curator

Exhibition by the conceptual photographer

Identiteiten 1970-2017 is an expansive retrospective of photographer Hans Eijkelboom’s works. Standing at the heart of this exhibition is an overview of Eijkelboom’s identity series, a series that spans more than twenty-five years. Armed with his camera, Eijkelboom took to the streets in search of the commonalities amidst the masses of people he encountered. Included in the exhibition are, among others, bare-chested men, women in leather jackets and bulky men in tracksuits. In addition to this famed work, the exhibition showcases Eijkelboom’s early works as a conceptual artist, including photographs of his family and a series in which he portrays what people define as ‘beautiful’.

You can also pay a visit to GEM museum for contemporary art for a retrospective exhibition by Maaike Schoorel.

We Are Public-members can also visit the exhibition in the weekend of 6 and 7 January 2018. In addition to that, Hans Eijkelboom will be present on January 7 to do a book signing of the catalogue.

Image: Hans Eijkelboom – Fotonotitie 21 oktober 2006 Parijs 16:00 – 17:30

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