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Foto: John Riddy

John Riddy | Luc Tuymans

Influential photographer and painter

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Influential Belgian painter and a photographer of still landscapes.
Selected by: Tina Farifteh, Film and art curator

The paintings of Luc Tuymans are almost abstract. Working with bleak colours he often depicts historical moments, people and objects. He loves to break taboos, working with subjects like xenophobia, child abuse and the holocaust. His creation of a lamp for example, that was supposedly owned by an SS officer, turned out to be made of human skin, and a close up portrait of a face, prove to be the face of a terminally ill patient. His work possesses many layers of understanding and puts the spectator to a hold, challenging him or her to contemplate.

John Riddy from Northampton is a black and white photographer often producing series of photographs, rather than singles. His work includes peaceful landscapes from all around the world, revealing the contrasts between past and present. All movement is gone and there seems to be no trace of life what so ever.

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