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Julidans | DFS

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I am very excited about this show: Jamaican music hall... on pointes!
Selected by: Jonne ter Braak, Dance ambassador

A wondrous combination of Jamaican music hall and thirteenth century chants of Guilaume de Machat performed on the tips of toes. DFS is a choreography of the exceptional duo Cecilia Bengolea en François Chaignaud. Bengolea approaches dance as a moving work of art while Chaignaud always seeks to combine it with singing. Their first co-created performance premiered in 2005 and received a lot of praise. Since then, they have managed to stay in the spotlight.

The Julidans Dance Festival showcases dance makers who are about to break (internationally). The festival is known for its cross-border programming, both literally and figuratively. Julidans will take place between 4 and 15 July at eight locations in Amsterdam. Six of the programs are included in the We Are Public offer.

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