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Julidans Extended | Shailesh Bahoran / Codarts / Joeri Dubbe / Daouda Keita & Adiara Traore

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The Julidans performances in the Vondelpark are delightful: watching dance in the open air with your picnic basket
Selected by: Carmen Muskee, Dance curator

Julidans Extended is made up of multiple dance shows. During the performance Blood, hip hop choreographer Shailesh Bahoran shows how brothers unite in difficult times, and how it feels to leave your family behind and enter a new world. Choreographer Joeri Dubbe explores the limits of how far you can go imitating human intelligence through artificial intelligence. In the performance dAIsy he presents a dancer on a set of machines that fulfill all her needs. Daouda Keita and Adiara Traore dance a duet between several African statues. This ambiguous performance is about ‘the other’ that has fallen into us and terrorizes us, but protects us at the same time. Finally, three students of Codarts dance education give a presentation.

The Julidans Dance Festival showcases dance makers who are about to break (internationally). The festival is known for its cross-border programming, both literally and figuratively. Julidans will take place between 4 and 15 July at eight locations in Amsterdam. Six of the programs are included in the We Are Public offer.

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