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Julidans | Sweet Tyranny

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A beautiful first acquaintance.
Selected by: Jonne ter Braak, Dance ambassador

The life of a professional dancer

Dance complicated and abstract? On the contrary! According to dancer and choreographer Pere Faura dance is one of the most accessible art forms available. The starting point of Sweet Tyranny is a disco ball, the symbol of the seventies and eighties disco. In this performance Faura copies, mixes and unravels dance as we know from iconic musicals starring John Travolta or Patrick Swayze. He creates a link between dancing as a leisure activity and dancing as a profession. Is dance freedom and happiness or is it hard work? Sweet Tyranny is the second part of a triptych about the work of dancers.

The Julidans Dance Festival showcases dance makers who are about to break (internationally). The festival is known for its cross-border programming, both literally and figuratively. Julidans will take place between 4 and 15 July at eight locations in Amsterdam. Six of the programs are included in the We Are Public offer.

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