MOED | Wat niet gezien wordt

How does a museum deal with diversity?

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To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the women’s suffrage a group of intersectional feminists delved into the collection of the Central Museum, selecting pieces emphasising important subjects we still seem to ignore today.
Selected by: Inez de Coo, Film and art curator

Centraal Museum has teamed up with MOED, a critical research group founded by the Gender Studies research department at Utrecht University. The group explores new perspectives on diversity in the museum space. Together they examined ways to make the museum more inclusive and open to a multiplicity of spectators, coming across questions like: what does equality or inequality actually look like? The collaboration resulted in the exhibition Wat niet gezien wordt (What is left unseen), in which the white male gaze is explicitly exposed through various perspectives. Even the museum’s own collection is critically analysed by the group.

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