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Musical Utopias | Change | Ensemble Klang, Moor Mother

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Powerful minimal music that strives to instigate change

The Friday night of Musical Utopias Festival is called Change. It focusses on minimalism, free jazz and artists who utilise their music to expose social and political inequalities. This evening sheds light on the music of composer Julius Eastman. He dedicated his life to writing music that brought his listeners closer to politics and social policies in relation to race, sexuality and gender. Unfortunately, a large part of his work has been lost, which makes reciting it slightly difficult. Using a recently released live recording of Eastman and a handwritten sketch, Ensemble Klang has managed to reconstruct Eastman’s composition Femenine. Rapper and poet Moor Mother will also be present. She made a successful programme for festival Le Guess Who, during which Irreversible Entanglements also gave a memorable concert. The latter will finish off this powerful evening about change and justice.

Photo: CJ Harvey via Subbacultcha

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