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10 days of cultural adventure: We Are Public ❤ Oerol

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Apart from all the other festivities and events, it is definitely worthwile to visit the festival grounds of the Betonning, where a nice programme of multidisciplinary arts is being performed.
Selected by: Daniël Kieft, Theatre and dance curator

An underwater light show. A pop-up beach rave. A concert in a horse stable. Every year, the island of Terschelling transforms into one enormous stage for theatre, dance, visual arts and music. The island’s dunes, streets, woods and various other unexpected sites are all host to this extraordinary 10-day event. All performances are created specifically for these sites; you’ll find beautiful, peculiar and astonishing things happening around every corner, everywhere you look.

We Are Public members can get themselves a festival wristband for free. The wristband provides access to (almost) the entire festival programme; the festival areas, art projects on the Expeditie route, street performances, Oerol college and music performances in the woods. Basically, you’ll have access to all but the theatre performances; to visit those you’ll need to buy an extra ticket.

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