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Openluchtbios | Repo Man

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Pure, rebellious punk cinema with a deafening soundtrack to drive the point home. Emilio Estevez plays a hopeless loser who gets a job as a Repo Man and lands himself in the midst of L.A.’s shady underground. It is here that he discovers a mysterious car with a dangerous load.
Selected by: George Vermij, Film ambassador

Exceptional sci-fi cult film

Repo Man is a cult classic courtesy of British director Alex Cox and features a budding Emilio Estevez in the lead role. The incredibly unpredictable sci-fi flick follows punk rocker Otto Maddox who, on the cusp of going broke, takes a job at the Helping Hand Acceptance Corporation, a strange collection agency. Before long, Maddox finds himself in a number of unexplainable circumstances. The film is not short on flying cars and aliens..

Het Nutshuis’s beautiful walled garden plays host to four open air screenings this month. In each, music plays a critical role and so they’ve also seen fit to open each evening with a live performance. All in all, the perfect summer evening!

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