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Openluchtbios | Senses of Cinema | Some Like It Hot

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Marilyn Monroe is absolutely stunning in this comedy classic in which she treats us with the unforgettable song 'I wanna be loved by you'. Next to that, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are in their element as two jazz musicians disguised like women whilst on the run for criminals.
Selected by: George Vermij, Film ambassador

Marilyn Monroe classic

A comedic classic by Billy Wilder, the director of infamous films like Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard and The Seven Year Itch, Some Like It Hot is primarily renowned for its charismatic lead, Marilyn Monroe. The film boasts a daring (for the time) plotline about drag with an underlying, and not-so-subtle queer undertone. It’s also a rapturous comedy featuring the scintillating talents of comedic duo Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.

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