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Openluchtbios | All These Sleepless Nights

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A fantastic film. Marczak draws you into an intense, sensual and tactile world. Many scenes are manipulated and staged, but this doesn't change the fact that the movie says a whole lot more about reality than many traditional 'real' documentaries. Proving (experimental) documenteray filmmaking is alive and well.
Selected by: Manon Bovenkerk, Art and Film Curator

A dance music doc about coming-of-age

With All These Sleepless Nights, Polish director Michal Marczak unveils a strange but powerful combination of fact and fiction. The film follows young protagonist Krzysztof Baginski along a nominal storyline that moves entirely to its own beat. Krzysztof’s best friend Michal lures him from his austere Warsaw flat to party after party. With its hypnotic gaze, the camera traces Krzysztof’s philosophical musings, flirtations and drunken reverie.

Het Nutshuis’s beautiful walled garden plays host to four open air screenings this month. In each, music plays a critical role and so they’ve also seen fit to open each evening with a live performance. All in all, the perfect summer evening!

Tonight’s screening will be accompanied by a performance by identical twins Onegg. Ditching their laptops, the duo unleash their live electronic music.

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