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Cancelled | Past Present Future | Ludwig, Diamanda La Berge Dramm, Interbellum, Artur Jaschke, Michel de Hey

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An experimental and musical journey of discovery where past, present and future come together. The highlight is a live surround performance during which percussionists play compositions by Varèse, Moondog, Schaeffer, Ligeti, Reich, and many more.
Selected by: Tim Terpstra, Visual arts and music ambassador

Futuristic live music symposium

In PastPresentFuture, Grammy-award winning music collective LUDWIG takes you on an experimental journey. During this symposium, visionary musicians, DJs and scientists merge the past, present and future. The highlight is a performance of live surround sound by a group of energetic percussionists who go on a chronological journey through the history of music. Afterwards, special guest Michel de Hey takes over the wheel.

Photo: Knelis

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