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Remodeling | Hymmen & Hiroi

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Stunning projects about our ideas of beauty. This time without pointing fingers, but instead subtle, refined and above all incredibly beautiful.
Selected by: Basje Boer, Film ambassador

Photography project offers new take on beauty standard

What happens when you strip commercial fashion photography of all of its rules and conventions? With their new project Remodeling, photographer Anneke Hymmen and Art Director Kumi Hiroi supplanted the stereotypical beauty ideal with their own fantasy. They did this by: instructing a group of volunteers to select a fashion photo and then describe it. Hymmen and Hiroi then took that description as a departure point for a new image, cut loose from the original photograph. The result is a book with the contrasting original and new images. They then instructed six writers to each respond to their images, and contribute a short story. Taking place in the Melkweg’s exhibition space, Hymmen and Hiroi transform images and stories from the book into a powerful performance.

The opening to the exhibition is on Thursday, 13 April from 17:30. The exhibition runs until 14 May.

Take note: The exhibition takes place in the Melkweg gallery. You can find the entrance on the Marnixstraat.

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