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Stuff Matters | Jessica Stockholder

Exuberant sculptures and installations

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The cheerfully coloured sculptures by Jessica Stockholder are always made out of the weirdest materials and end up in unique sculptures of objects like an orange shopping basket or an old bathtub. This artist never ceases to amaze me with her absurd but very accessible assemblages.
Selected by: Inez de Coo, Film and art curator

The work of American sculptor and installation artist Jessica Stockholder explores the borders between painting, sculpture and space. Her shapes and colours turn spaces upside down, and her usage of everyday objects raises questions about what is really valuable and what not. She curated the exhibition Stuff Matters for the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, exhibiting the highlights from her own body of work, but also showcasing a work especially made for this exhibition, and more than 60 works of art of about 45 other artists that seem to interact with her creations.

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