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Teddy’s Last Ride | Today’s Makers #3

Dancing and raving with alien creatures

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We Are Public supports Teddy’s Last Ride through the In Art We Trust Fund. To make sure they can let us shake, tremble and dance.

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About Teddy’s Last Ride

Even though Teddy’s Last Ride’s performers may seem extraterrestrial, the collective comes straight from the Groningen talent pool of Club Guy & Roni. The three Teddy’s are breaking down archetypes and symbols and create colourful, hypnotic pop-experiences in which they take their audience to a parallel dimension (like a psychedelic trip and your favourite Billie Eilish song combined).

Teddy’s nieuwste show, Safe Sex, belooft hun ‘safest yet sexiest experience’ te worden, in samenwerking met dj en producer Posij. The Teddy’s will share exclusive footage from this show on every Thursday for four weeks.

Teddy’s Last Ride & Posji – Pink Desperado

“Okay, Boomer
Immaculate consumer
Uma Thurman on the tv
And I think they’re gonna shoot her. Change the channel
‘Nother panel telling me about the future. Cuz the future is a woman
And they want me to consume her.”

Teddy’s Last Ride & Posij – Everybody Wins

“That’s the way god made me
My friends all say I’m crazy
Cuz I lose it when the dj starts to spin.”


Photo: Knelis

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In Art We Trust

We Are Public will keep investing in arts and culture. Now more than ever! That is why our membership will work a little differently for the time being:

✔️ Every month our curators will select 15 makers
✔️ Our main focus will be on independent makers, who have been hit hard by the current circumstances. Makers we think are brilliant and want to enable to keep working. Makers who we want to list in our programme again when the time comes.
✔️ As a member you are able to heart makers on our website to express your support.
This month we will distribute € 35.000 between 15 makers.

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