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Tete-a-Tete | Day Collective

Wordless playful conversation

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Love this project! A great way to make a digital experience sensory and at the same time get in touch with others.
Selected by: Daniël Kieft, Theatre and dance curator


Tete-a-Tete Online is a participatory performance, an online video meeting, during which 2-5 participants and 2 hosts converse through drawing on themselves, in silence using their own skin as a medium for a wordless conversation. There are two rules: no words and a closed self-view. The tool for drawing is a cosmetic pencil. The participants are from 18 years old from any location of the world with access to internet. Here besides responding to a visual, people are invited to connect deeper to their own sensations, emotions and to let go of overthinking, and from this base form connections to others. In so doing, the new modes of language based on intuition, silence, imagination and sensibility are being explored.Let’s connect beyond our identity, language and cultural stereotypes in the conversation through drawing on our own skin. Let’s Tete-a-Tete.

Duration: 1 hour

You just need a minimum one cosmetic pencil (we use eco).

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