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The Wild

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I’ve heard great things about this (wild) exhibition. In addition to the ‘kinetic art theme park’ highlight by Oscar Peters, the exhibition features work by the incredible artists Zoro Feigl, Philip Vermeulen and Natalia Jordanova.
Selected by: Tim Terpstra, Visual arts and music ambassador

Art taken for a ride

W139, a project space for contemporary art, now features art that literally will rattle around your head. Artist Oscar Peters built a six-and-a-half metre high roller coaster using twee kilometres of wood. He challenged other artists to make their own cart – a provocation that went down well; various artworks can now be seen riding the attraction. The Wild displays the beauty and vulnerability of the constantly moving figures. The artworks run the risk of damage or even downfall. Will they die slowly, without us noticing or will they grotesquely perish as we watch?

The Wild is on display until 13 August.

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