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This Is Actually Happening | Lectureperformance Motus Mori | Katja Heitmann

Up close and personal with one of the Netherlands' most exciting choreographers

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A unique insight into Katja Heitmann's creative process. During this lecture performance the choreographer herself will share more about her methods. I've seen the end result in Maastricht and am a fan!
Selected by: Daniël Kieft, Theatre curator

We immediately recognise the postures, movements and reflexes of our loved ones. How do we ensure these unique motions aren’t forgotten? Choreographer Katja Heitmann and her team of dancers is working on Museum Motus Mori: an archive for human movement at risk of extinction. Find dancing belly-buttons or the choreography of a sigh. Everyday movements translated to impressive choreographic portraits.

How does Katja capture this movement with her dancers? How are these kinetic portraits created to design an archive? This lecture performance provides a unique insight into the creative process.

Museum Motus Mori is on show in between 18 Oktober and 8 November at De Nieuwe Vorst. Keen to see it? Make sure to keep an eye on wearepublic.nl/programma for the next performance dates.

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